Info Thug Angels (Shabazz + Hell Razah)

G-Clef da Mad Komposa de Chambermusik a pu écouter l’album du groupe Thug Angels (Shabazz, Hell Razah & Ayatollah) et voila ses impressions:

« It was mixed by Choco. Production was all straight banging, though I can’t say who the producers were. I would say that out of 13 cuts, 5-8 were bonafide classics, but all of them were firey heat. The reason I know you all will like it is because for whatever reason, Bazz and Razah coming back together as a unit just CLICKS. Bazz is back on that heated style he is known for and loved for. The magic and chemistry is crazy…. they even go back and forth trading verses sometimes, which I personally miss in the game. (Check the Lost Secret album!)Lyrically, they are coming with hard street music but with strong group concepts. This is a GROUP no doubt about that. And they will have it all… logos, gear, hand-signs to throw up, you name it, they thought it out! The third member of course is Ayatollah, but this is the album they completed before he joined up so the production is by a variety of people. We will be letting more and more loose about this new movement as it comes together. I am personally involved in this movement and will hopefully have even bigger news about it coming soon. All I can say is I am happy and proud for these brothers because they really went in this time. I project that this will be THE big underground hiphop album of the year. »

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