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Chambermusik Records has entered into a deal to be distributed by Koch Distribution as part of a label group also containing The 16 Chapel Records and Mixtape Kings.

Internationally renowned underground Hip-Hop website Chambermusik.Com has been building a movement since it opened its internet doors in October 2004. The goal of which was to resurrect a part of the Hip-Hop Entertainment market they call « Underground Hard ». Founder and CEO Joseph « G-Clef » Cavaseno took note in 2004 that the typically « artsy » backpack/underground rap market was becoming quietly successful, with some artists like Atmosphere approaching sales numbers like that of major label artists, yet little or no support was being established for Underground Hardcore Hip-Hop. G-Clef, an artist/producer in his own right says, « The grittier, more streetwise vein of Underground Rap Music has countless fans around the globe that have been previously counted out of the market, but with Chambermusik, we sought to galvanize them online, and since 2004 that’s exactly what we have done. »

Since 2004, Chambermusik.Com has featured exclusive products, selling thousands of independently pressed units by a myriad of artists, many of whom were loosely associated with the « Wu-Tang » movement, past and present. Chambermusik also features an interactive forum where fans can post questions for their favorite artists, which are then answered in audio interviews recorded and broadcasted live in their studios. With features such as their own radio station, download section, store, and lyrics database, Chambermusik.Com has become a virtual Mecca for fans of Underground Hardcore Hip-Hop Music, and has served as a bridge between the streets and the internet for fans all across the world.

Releases on Chambermusik Records will include various « catalog » items as well as brand new artists’ releases. Catalog reissues will involve products that have been previously sold via Chambermusik.Com but never before available in stores. Their new artist releases will include various exciting established artists, as well as « The Chambersquad », an army of new artists fully dedicated to the sound and variety that has made Chambermusik famous. Upcoming releases include artists Cappadonna (Wu-Tang Clan), Inspectah Deck (Wu-Tang Clan) presents Fes Taylor (G-Unit), Northstar (West Coast Killabeez), as well as brand new supergroup Thug Angelz (Shabazz & Hell-Razah of Sunz of Man).

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