Digi Snacks : Crédits

01: Digi Snacks Intro
(R. Diggs)
Featuring Understanding
Produced by RZA

02: Long Time Coming
(R. Diggs, P. Kalayeh, J. Desmon, A. Lane, D. Keyz)
Featuring Danny Keyz
Produced by Panauh Kalayah

03: You Can’t Stop Me Now
(R. Diggs, J. Hunter, B. Strong, J. Whitfield)
Featuring Inspectah Deck
Produced by RZA / Co-Produced by George Draklous
Drums/Keyboard/Bass/Guitar – Dhani Harrison
Acoustic Guitar – RZA
Background vocals by Wu-Kids
Contains a sample from « Message from a Black Man » by The Whatnauts

04: Straight Off The Blow
(I. Crump, R. Diggs)
Featuring David Banner
Produced by David Banner
Guitar – Pretty Tony
Background vocals – Monk, Kinetic, Rev. Burke & David Banner

05: Booby Trap
(R. Diggs, C. Woods)
Featuring Dexter Wiggles
Produced by RZA
Piano / Guitar – RZA

06: Try Ya Ya Ya
(Che Pope, R. Diggs, D. Rose)
Featuring Monk
Produced by Che Vicious / Co-Produced by RZA
Background vocals – Thea

07: Good Night
(R. Diggs, W. Hudson, T. Van Seijen, Q. Bennett)
Featuring The Reverend William Burk, Thea & Crisis
Produced by RZA
Background vocals – Tamika Layton

08: No Regrets
(R. Diggs)
Produced by RZA

09: Money Don’t Own Me
(R. Diggs, Q. Rose)
Featuring Monk & Stone Mecca
Produced y RZA
Guitar / Bass / Background vocals – Tru James
Piano – RZA

10: Creep
(R. Diggs, R. Sepano, D. Rose, Q. Benett, C. Woods, C. Cunningham)
Featuring Black Knights, North Star, Thea & Dexter Wiggles
Produced by King Tech

11: Drama
(R. Diggs, G. Grice, T. Van Seijen)
Featuring Monk & Thea
Produced by RZA
Guitar – Stone Mecca
Piano – RZA

12: Up Again
(R. Diggs, S. Murray, W. Hudson, G. Clinton, E. Debarge, C. Perren, F. Perren)
Featuring Kinetic, The Reverend William Burk, George Clinton & El DeBarge
Produced by RZA
Guitar – RZA
Piano – John Frusciante
Background vocals – Talani Rabb, Rakeem Diggs, George Clinton
Constains an interpolation of « up Again » (Christine Perren, Frederick Perren)

13: Put Your Guns Down
(Lil Fame, R. Diggs)
Featuring Star
Produced by The Bad Parts

14: Love Is Digi / Part II
(R. Digs, S. Murray, Q. Bennett)
Featuirng Kinetic, Crisis & Thea
Produced by RZA

15: O Day
(R. Diggs)
Produced by RZA
Background Vocals – Prodigal Sunn

16: Don’t Be Afraid
(R. Diggs, I. Hayes, D. Porter)
Produced by RZA
Guitar – Stone Mecca
Piano – James Rabb
Piano/Background Vocals – RZA
Constains a sample of « I Like It » by The Emotions and « So I Can Love You »

La cover a été réalisée par Gary Alford, auteur des covers pour 9th prince (Prince of NY), Masta Killa ( Made In Brooklyn) et Inspectah Deck (The Resident Patient)
– Wu Poster –

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