40 Cal ne veut pas etre le "U-God" de Dipset…

40Cal explique que dans un groupe il y a d’un coté ceux qui brillent et de l’autre les membres plus obscurs… Pour cela il prend l’exemple du Wu-Tang et de ses 9 membres, plus précisément U-God.


40 Cal: Yeah, when you on a record label or part of a crew you got a choice. Like the Wu-Tang Clan, this is my theory and I don’t want nobody to think I’m dissing them or no way. It’s about eight or nine members in the Wu-Tang, right?

DX: Nine.
40 Cal: You have the choice to be the Ghostface [click to read] dude or the Method Man dude that’s on the forefront that everybody knows or you can be Masta Killa or U-God. At the end of the day, they know you from the crew, but it’s like your barely there. You don’t really know that guy, every family and crew got that guy. I worked hard not to be the U-God [laughs], ya dig?

DX: It crazy, because I saw some news the other day on U-God where he was saying his life was in danger and people was after him, because he wanted his money. 40 Cal: Yeah, I heard something that they owed him some money. He suing RZA [click to read] or somebody, it’s inevitable. That’s how it go down in the music industry. I don’t know the situation, but from a fan perspective, I know you don’t want to be the last dude on the bus.

DX: You know how it is in the hood when niggas feel like they getting disrespected when they only getting crumbs of the pie.

40 Cal: Yeah! That’s how it is, exactly! I mean how can you not feel like that? Everybody wants to be the dude that when you step out everybody is chasing you, running you down, wanting the autograph, and pictures. Nobody wants to be the fifth Jackson member, I can’t even name all the Jacksons. You don’t want to be the Jackson where they have to go, “What’s your name?” You don’t want to go « U-God, my name is U-God. » [Laughs] No to be doing U-God dirty, I’m just breaking down the point to people.


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