Raekwon – « Cold Outside » Lyrics

Rae bleuChamberdartz

[kung fu sample (Raekwon)]
We do have to fear him, the Shaolin faces a crisis
And one of the factors will be the Wu-Tang Clan
I just wish he was there… (damn)
So we must all be prepared

[Intro: Raekwon (Suga Bang Bang)]
Them niggaz over there, man (whooooa)
Feds been on them niggaz all fucking year, son (What I’m gonna do)
(When it’s cold outside) Look the nigga’s in a bag right now (Haaaaaa haaaaa)
They zipping a nigga off, son (Hooooooooowww hoowwww… ohhhh ohhhh ohhh)
Right… (It’s cold…. ohhh ohhh ohhh ohhh ohhh ohhh)…

[Chorus 2X: Suga Bang Bang]
When it’s cold outside, and the rain turn to ice
When it’s cold outside, and the rain turn to ice

[Hook: Suga Bang Bang]
Said mama’s out here flipping out
Shots just going off, somebody laid out
Little kids smoking weed, drive-bys everyday
Wondering what’s going on, me outside with my motherfucking AK
Ohhh ohhhh… what I’m gonna do when it’s cold outside…
Hoowww howwww… ohhh ohhh… it’s cold… hey…

Religious with hammers, fakes get jammed up
Cakes get battered, coming through to get it, them transactions
Blood stinking fiends, machine guns, cannons and teams
Baking sodas, gold Rovers and gophers
Land in every project, sex, lies, murderous reps
Back to cassettes, vets dying on steps
What’s really taking place in them hoods?
Heads get clapped for trap, don’t fuck with my mind, I’m strapped
Off with ya dome for fronting on me
Last two L’s, I seen visions of dead male and more sales
Real life stories is made, and candles got blazed
For little young soldiers shot by them strays
Pigeons and goons surviving in prisons
Cause divisions, they separating, laying cacoons
And they can’t wait to come home soon
While bodies get found in lobbies, chopped up, decaying in rooms

[Ghostface Killah]
They found a two year old, strangled to death
With a « Love Daddy » shirt on in a bag on the top of the steps
Police blowing niggaz, NARCs and judges
Me and son had beef, I had to murk him, we supposed to be brothers
Cause he came home fronting, feeling like that I owe him something
Cause I’m getting money, drive a little something something
Renee got AIDS, with five kids smoked out
House is brick, bills haven’t been paid in days
A Brooklyn man’s a molestor, court case and the crime’s raising
SWAT stickers on the church, they Satan
Holiday season is here and I’m vexed
Who the fuck made Christmas up? I’m fucking broke, it ain’t making no sense
Newports are $7.50, a box of Huggies is off the meat rack
She’s back, thirty days, she relapsed
Our troops need to leave Iraq
And rap niggaz need to go on strike so we can get more cash

[Chorus 2X]


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