Achozen : 3ème extrait! (Dld)


Enfin des nouvelles d’Achozen , le supergroup composé de RZA, Shavo, Rev. William Burke et Kinetic (aka Beretta 9).

Tout d’abors un 3ème extrait vient d’être mis en ligne, il s’agit de Salute/Sacrafice en écoute sur urSESSION

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« The song ‘Salute/Sacrifice’ is a really special to us because the music is deep and the lyrics are comprised of stories that have touched life and play on words. I am looking forward to performing in front of fans soon and giving them the album that they have waited for so patiently. »

On apprend aussi que l’album est toujours d’actualité mais devrait sortir vers mi-2010, le temps pour le groupe de trouver le bon contrat.

ACHOZEN’s debut CD, entitled « The Album », is due in early 2010.
In announcing the release of the song, Odadjian stated, « We wanted thank fans for their patience in the release of the debut ACHOZEN CD. The group had been planning to have the album out in September, but we are working to find the right fit with a record company and are planning on having it available in early 2010.

Most of the ACHOZEN album was recorded at one of Shavo’s two studios and produced by the Grammy-winning musician. The bulk the beats were created by Shavo (only one or two samples were used on the entire record) who also played live instruments throughout, including bass and sitar. The RZA, who contributed his share of beats, Kinetic 9 and the Reverend William Burke handle all of the vocals and lyrics, which are, according to Shavo, « some of the most innovative, poetic and righteous words and vocals that I’ve ever heard. »

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