ITW : 9th Prince annonce plusieurs projets…

Via le site Wu-International. Le nouvel album de 9th Prince « Revenge Of The 9th Prince » devrait arriver la 1ère semaine de janvier. 9th annonce aussi un nouvel album de Killarmy pour 2010 avec les 6 membres. Sont aussi en projet un album collab’ entre RZA et 9th Prince aussi qu’un nouveau Gravediggaz composé de Beretta 9, Killah Priest, Shabazz The Disciple, RZA, Frukwan & 9th Prince

When asked to choose between a promising career in boxing and his love for hip-hop, 9th Prince didn’t think twice about following his heart. Born on Staten Island, NY, and raised between the notoriously dangerous neighbourhoods of Brownsville and Bedford Stuyvesant in Brooklyn, and the state of Ohio, music was always a major force in his life. The classics his mother played around the house from Marvin Gaye and Curtis Mayfield to Mtume and Atlantic Starr – became 9th’s first real musical inspiration, piquing his interest to purse his passions further.
Generally reserved when growing up, 9th Prince’s respect for the classics later spawned an
excitement for real hip-hop; Rakim, KRS-One, The Juice Crew and Slick Rick were inspirations, and their work encouraged him to write his first rhyme with Shyheim at the age of 9. At 11, with his skills more finely tuned, he began performing at local talent shows, competing against adults more than twice his age, and yet still holding his own. His talent did not go unnoticed. RZA (Wu-Tang Clan) – 9th’s older brother and one of his 10 siblings – put him in the studio for the first time to record « Soldiers of Darkness » (1995), with Sunz of Man.

9th Prince later went on to form Killarmy, one of the first ever groups to be signed under Wu-Tang along side Sunz of Man. At the age of 20 Prince went on to record along side Dom Pachino, Killa Sin, Shogun Assassin, Kinetic, Islord and 4th Disciple as Killarmy for their first album, the critically acclaimed « Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars » (1997) with 9th Prince leading the majority of the production and A&R work. They went on to record 2 more albums together – Dirty Weaponry (1998) and Fear, Love & War (2001), both of which, much like their predecessor Silent weapons, had 9th simultaneously acting as artist and producer.
Even with the success of the group, 9th was beginning to discover his individual voice, and needed an outlet to express it. In 1999, anxious to show the world his unique perspective, 9th began to contemplate a solo project, and the « Granddaddy Flow » album concept was born. Independently released in 2003, Granddaddy once again successfully merged 9th’s skills as an artist with his resourceful business savvy – he assumed the roles of execute producer and A&R – to create the quintessential album. The response to Granddaddy was incredible with 9th being named independent artist of the month by Source magazine in April 2004 issue.

At the height of Granddaddy flow success, 9th unexpectedly got incarcerated. Upon release, he emerged stronger than ever with his highly anticipated follow-up album, « Prince Of New York ». 2009 sees 9th Prince completing his 3rd solo album « Revenge Of The 9th Prince » featuring guest appearances from The RZA, Killah Priest, Shyheim, Planet Asia, Boy Jones, Thea, and his Killarmy comrades. With album ready to drop early 2010 on Wu Music Group, Wu-International catches up with the man himself to discuss about his back and forth fall out with close friend and Killarmy brother Dom Pachino, his involvement with Gravediggaz project, RZA, and of course upcoming Killarmy album if any. Enjoy…

I like to say thanks first and foremost for taking the time to answer these questions, highly appreciated, and will also point out that nothing will be altered, edited or changed when this is published online.

Wu-International: Peace 9th, how are you?
9th Prince: I’m at peace, meditating off life.

Wu-International: What is the exact release date of “Revenge of the 9th Prince”?
9th Prince: It’s going down the first week of January.

Wu-International: The Solomon Childs album that came out via Wu Music was released only in mp3 format; will yours have a physical release?
9th Prince: No doubt you can buy it digitally and physical.

Wu-International: Few songs already leaked have been well accepted by the fans, are you happy and content with the album?
9th Prince: This is my best work ever, I never made an album so dope before. My lyrical ability is in its highest form and my style has advance so ill, that people I know say that I’m one of the best out there. None of my other albums can touch this new album, this is better than anything on all my Killarmy albums , like I said this is my best work.

Wu-International: Who was responsible for picking the songs, beats and guests on the album?
9th Prince: I have total control on my solo albums.

Wu-International: What songs stand out for you and why?
9th Prince: Every song has its element and they all shine, you can play the whole album with out skipping.

Wu-International: What’s behind the title of the album?
9th Prince: This is just my avenge on the industry and everyone who think I cant do it, all the haters can eat a dick.

Wu-International: What is the difference between Granddaddy flow and Grandfather flow?
9th Prince: The grandfather flow is more advance and control of his wisdom.

Wu-International: Any reason why the album’s initial cover was changed to the current one with your picture on it?
9th Prince: Yes I did not want people to think I was trying to live off the ‘W’ if you ever notice any Killarmy albums we never had no ‘W’ on our front cover albums because we wanted people to like us for who we are and not because we were down with Wu-tang.

Wu-International: There were less features from your killarmy comrades this time with exception of Islord, was there any reason Dom Pachino, Kinetic, and Shogun were not featured on this album?
9th Prince: Kinetic is on my album, Shogun just came home and Dom P was on my album but I took him off because we just went through the Koch thing so I kept my distance from him, but we back kicking it again.

Wu-International: Thea was featured on “Rise” with RZA, it’s appears to be taking a lot of diehard Wu fans time to warm up to her, personally I think she’s mad talented, how did that collabo come about and what are your thoughts on Thea as an artist?
9th Prince: When me and RZA did the song he ask me is it was cool if Thea sung on the hook and I said lets make it happen because I think she is talented. she sound good on certain beats. She just got to find what matches her style.

Wu-International: Let’s talk about your last album which came out via Babygrande, how well was it received by the public?
9th Prince: People loved the album, they see 9th Prince growing and keeping hip-hop in its purest form. I’m one of the last MCs who can make a great album, so people appreciate that.

Wu-International: I can vouch for that album being a classic, there are rumours of “Granddaddy Flow” being re-released again with 6 bonus tracks, how true is this and if so, when and what label will this be coming out from?
9th Prince: It’s true, I’m dropping it independently on Armyourself Entertainment Inc.

Wu-International: Let’s address the Killarmy questions, word is that you made a deal with Koch without the knowledge of other members of the group to release a Killarmy greatest hits album? Care to speak on this?
9th Prince: Thats bullshit, Kinectic was right there when I was making the deal, everyone knew, everybody was going to eat but Dom Pachino wanted more power and was being greedy since I did not give him what he wanted he tried to cancel the deal. so I took my plans somewhere else and made an even better deal.

Wu-International: It seems Dom P’s contacting Koch resulted in them deciding not to release it again and this also affected your album coming out via Koch, how do you feel about this?
9th Prince: Like I said I made a better deal so that did not stop anything,

Wu-International: So what is your current relationship with Dom Pachino?
9th Prince: I just spoke to him and told him he got to stop that bullshit. We brothers and we are equal.

Wu-International: and the rest members of the Army?
9th Prince: I speak with them all the time

Wu-International: On our last interview with you, both you and P confirmed that a new Killarmy album is in works, on our last interview P sounded pessimistic about it due to a number of issues within the group, how possible is another Killarmy album and what steps are you taking towards making this happen?
9th Prince: Killarmy is dropping a new album in 2010 its going to be crazy and all six members will be on it.

Wu-International: All six? we were led to beleive Killa Sin was not interested in doing another group album?
9th Prince: Killa Sin will be on the next album I never heard him say he did not want to be on no new Killarmy albums.

Wu-International: That’s great to hear, P said the songs recorded for the project was added to the Babygrande “Prince of New York” release as bonus songs without his consent?
9th Prince: I don’t know what he’s talking about, he knew I was using the songs especially as they were mines already.

Wu-International: So how many songs have you all recorded for the Killarmy project that is still unreleased?
9th Prince: We have about ten songs but we don’t know if we will use them.

Wu-International: Looking forward to the Killarmy album then. We have also been hearing of a 9th Prince and The RZA joint album?
9th Prince: It’s in works, its just that we have to finish it up which will take time but its going to be hot.

Wu-International: With so many planned Wu projects never seeing the light of the day, how possible will you this project really be? how many songs, titles etc?
9th Prince: It’s almost ready, we have some good songs recorded already.

Wu-International: There have also been talks of a new Gravediggaz line up which will consist of the likes of you, Beretta 9, Killah Priest, Shabazz The Disciple, RZA and Frukwan, whats good with this?
9th Prince: That is also in the making I’m still aying my verses for this, Frukwan and I have been building a lot lately, almost everyday, he’s on the Grandaddy Flow new album, the bonus tracks.

Wu-International: So whats your position within the Diggaz, will you be a contributor or official members of Gravediggaz?
9th Prince: I’m just a guest on the album but also part of the new Gravediggaz.

Wu-International: That’s great news, are they any collaborations you have done within US or overseas that you would like to share with us?
9th Prince: I have Planet Asia on my album, his verse is straight fire, he’s a cool dude and I have some other joints that I cant speak about.

Wu-International: Your albums have been consistence and you are yet to disappoint, some say you’ve got a good ear for beats, some say you’ve mastered the formula for making underground classics, others put it down to you being unique, what do you say?
9th Prince: You have to always remember that all the Killarmy albums was 80% my ideas, plus the direction we were going in, and the things we wanted to achieve. A lot of people do not know that I was the master mind behind Killarmy, so when they hear my solo albums and they are well put together the way a true MC is suppose to sound like, some act surprised that it is so ill.

Wu-International: Interview we had last year, we asked you about the much talked about fight between you and Warcloud (Holocaust) and your response was apparently censored by Babygrande, do you care to speak on it now?
9th Prince: Basically I beat the nigger’s ass for acting out of order, and that’s that.

Wu-International: That was some time ago though, what’s your current relationship with Warcloud and what are the possibilities of both of you doing a song together for the sake of the fans and the ‘W’?
9th Prince: I have not seen him for a while now, but I ain’t mad at him, he’s still my adopted brother {Laughs}.

Wu-International: Any tours, side projects, mix tapes, movies etc planned for 9th Prince?
9th Prince: I’m finishing up the granddaddy Flow part 2, then I am dropping that at the end of 2010, then we going to drop the new Killarmy album in 2011, around the time Sin should be back.

Wu-International: Thanks, anything else you would like to share with us that have not already been covered?
9th Prince: I’m taking hip-hop back from them wack ass dirty south rappers, real hip-hop heads pay attention. « YOUR SAVIOUR HAS ARRIVE »

Wu-International: We know you have a MySpace, are you on twitter also and can you let the fans know where and how to keep up to date with you?
9th Prince: Hit me on real 9thprince twitter, MySpace and somewhere in your hood.

Wu-International: Any shout outs, thank you, word of advice etc?
9th Prince: Peace! peace to every one who got love for 9th Prince, Killarmy, Wu-Tang Clan, I’m gonna raise that flag and carry that W. Thanks to Wu-International for this interview. peace.

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      • Drey ça m’a l’air trop bon tout ça… Geez Killa Sin’ll back soon… Great to know that! En tout cas je connaissais ton ancien « blog » Wu « Da Sting » et celui-ci est toujours aussi mortel!! Peace à toi ;) Et j’aime le Wu tout autant que toi alors si tu veux qu’on s’échange des sons ou même que l’on parle n’hésite pas

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