« Instrumartyr » d’Inspectah Deck, les 1er extraits (Dld)

Inspectah Deck lance la promo de son album instrumental « Instrumartyr » qui devrait sortir bientôt sur Urban Icon Records / The Orchid.

– Direct Link –

La promo contient 3 (l’album devrait en contenir 20) :

01. Mi Amor (02:20)
02. Saucy (02:00)
03. Willy D (01:41)

On the heels of dropping his fourth LP, Inspectah Deck is also readying the release
of his first instrumental album. Unknown to most, Deck has been making beats and hits
for over 15 years now, first learning how to piece tracks together from his group’s
mastermind The RZA, and crew affiliates DJ Mathematics and True Master. Deck soon
started experimenting and his efforts showed enough promise to make him an official
member of the original almighty production team and collective known as Wu-elements,
alongside The RZA, 4th Disciple, True Master, and Mathematics. From then on we saw
him gradually placing his beats on just about every Wu-Tang release from his fellow
clansmen except the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard, including songs for Ghostface’s
« Supreme Clientele », Method Man’s « Tical » and RZA’s « Bobby Digital in Stereo »,
along with his own solo albums and outsides projects such as the « Tales from the hood »
soundtrack and lately his new protege Fes Taylor.

2 réflexions au sujet de « « Instrumartyr » d’Inspectah Deck, les 1er extraits (Dld) »

  1. elles sont pas nul ses prods, il aurait mieux fait de les utiliser pour manifesto au lieu des mauvais beatmakers qu’il a choisit…

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