Raekwon – ‘Rich & Black’ Lyrics

– Chamberdartz –

And regardless to how much power you have
When God sends prophets and messengers
They don’t care nothing about your power
Because they come from thee power

Rare nigga, I’m a wonder
Your best success is my worst blunder, feds tap the number
Jury Jacklyn on acid could appreciate, we to alleviate the pain
Eddie Kane, Richard Pryor, pinky ring
Watching ‘Conduct’, nigga, throw parties for my niggas that’s living
You guessed it, models, ya’ll keep them if they anorexic
Love ’em, but can’t trust ’em, hate ’em, but won’t bust ’em
Caked it in savings, spending, wasting, it’s like a custom
Tats of horror-glyphics, lipstick on the collar
I got more to lose than you do, but I’m a rider
When did the rules change, ya’ll living trendy on pennies
Meeting deadlines with ease, no gain
You fire, I’m butane, gave the Timbs, ostrich belts
These by the times that I surprise myself
My niggas looking like black crows at packed shows
The don voice stay prestine, like I’m still seventeen

I’m rich, black, African, rocking a golden mack
Sterling leather, Gucci leggings on my back
Willie Boston hoodlum in the trench, rinse these niggas
’86 Gazelles, dicing near the fence
Mike Tyson disciple, trifle when my pen is a rifle
Sixteen ways to shoot you through your Chrysler, duke
Exhaling with niggas, the jails argue, bring the best
Niggas to the table, I sit four of my wheels on you
Custom wooded speakers, rocking leases, rump with polices
Dump on creatures, holidays with preachers
Stainless steel watches, ostrich turtle necks
Here’s the deal, if we can’t come in, they can’t have the field
Bones in ‘Cisco, murder instruments, Cayenne Porsche rap
How many horses live official?
I run with generals who flash uzi’s in interviews
My shit is deep in fly swimming, dude

Verse two, gotta be all murder, just like the first verse
Tints yellow like the hair on a Malibu surfer
Yellow like my Harry Winston, glistening arm, B.
Yellow like New York City piss stains concrete

That’s right, yo, who voted toasting in the wind, Las Vegas Otis
What you know? Leave right here we ghost in the Lotus
Put a package on your head, be promoted, keys in effect
Paying these dumb fucking D’s with donuts

I hate, to see you, acting like a slave
To get an advance here, an advance there
Because somebody else controls your destiny

Aiyo, I’m rich, black, umbrella calico captain
Wes Craven with a blade and a black
I’m hood ornaments, junkies win awards in my tournaments
My shit is listed like informants pics
You know we order hits, planes flying, niggas is sure to getcha
Whether in Costa Rica, Lisa, she sure to twist ya
Eating Chow Lo Mein with chopsticks, glocks with aim
Watermelon chips, pop some ‘paigne
For all the riches, niggas forcing out they feelings, kid
Whether in hallways or the boats, now feel us, kid
Out in Alaska, in the Astons, remember my passion
Hungry wolf who never eat in his castle
Bolivian connects restless, yeah, Chef ambidextrous
Quick to back you in like the Lexus shit
Hunted by the FBI, we gracious, more demonstrations
Shit is tough, milk the carnation

[kung-fu sample]
It was the Shaolin!
The Shaolin? Never
Never? The poison your master drunk is familiar to the Shaolin Monks
We don’t talk, you’re gonna die
My lord, enough!
Quiet down
There’s no point to it, he’s just like his master, he’s not gonna tell ya

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